Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Mazes & Mutants” Review


A fun, care-free little adventure.

“Maze & Mutants” is a filler episode.  However, it doesn’t mean the episode wasn’t good.  In fact, this episode is a lot of fun, and it’s especially nice after the epic adventure the turtles had in the previous episode.  Not to mention the tone of the episode is very similar to the classic 90s cartoon, and that’s not necessary a bad thing.

It’s not a surprise the turtles are into D&D.  The gang loves comic book, cartoon and video game, it only makes sense that they’re into something so geeky.  After playing couple games of D&D, the turtles decide to take the game to the next level with LARP- live action role playing.  It’s cool to see the turtles dig through common household items, and make their costumes out of them.  Leo the Knight, Donny the Wizard, Mikey the Elven Thief and Raph the Dwarf Barbarian.  This also reminds me of the 90s turtle action figures, and there were a lot of cosplay variants.  In fact, Playmates Toy already announced these cosplay variants before already.

Sir Malachi is a wonderful addition to the world of TMNT.  The cute, mutant sparrow has the ability to create D&D game inside their victims’ head.  The clue is obvious, as most of the monster and character cameos are all taken from the victims’ memories.  However, just because we can easily guess what the deal is, it doesn’t mean the episode is no fun.  The episode is not about the mystery, but the journey the turtles have.  Also, it fun how the show brings back Leatherhead without really bringing him back.  It’s been too long since we last saw our favorite crocodile mutant.

The final fight between the turtles and Malachi is kind of confusing.  At first they have to believe in their weapons to have them take effects, then they have to do the opposite to not take damages?  I know it’s all about the power of imagination, but it’s kind of confusing what the turtles are supposed to do.

“Mazes & Mutants” is definitely a filler episode, but it’s great to see the turtles get to enjoy some really sophisticated LARP game during their downtime.  Not only we get to see the “return” of fan favorite character, Sir Malachi is a wonderful new character as well.  Hopefully we get to see more of him in the future.



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