The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review


Peter Parker is back!

The Superior Spider-Man is a fun run.  I really love Doc Ock’s arrogance, and it often creates unique situation usual superheroes won’t get themselves into.  However, there’s still no one like the one and only Peter Parker.  The Amazing Spider-Man #1 welcomes Peter back in a extra-size issue, and sets up the future storylines.

The issue begins directly the morning after the Goblin Nation event, and New York is still dealing with Green Goblin’s destruction and Mayor Jameson’s resignation.  At the same time Peter has to deal with the changes in his life caused by Doc Ock.  Both professionally and personally.

It’s fun to see Peter trying to discover what the new company is all about, and at the same time trying to understand the new technology Ock was trying to invent.  It’s funny seeing Peter trying to clean up the mess, and it’s even funnier when the citizens of New York actually noticed the differences upon Peter’s return.  As far as I can tell, people are already accepting the fact that there was a different Spider-Man for the longest time, and now the original one is back.  Even the Avengers felt that way too.

It’s Peter’s personal life that’s more interesting.  The issue ends with Anna Maria discovering Peter and Spider-Man are one of the same, and not to mention Doc Ock is planning to propose to Anna Maria.  This is one of the main thing we know Peter has to deal with once returning to his body, and we’re all looking forward to it.

The issue is over 80 pages long, and the price can be a little too high.  After the typical 20 pages run, the issue has a lot of back-ups.  While some of them are really interesting, others can be kind of meh.  The Black Cat definitely stole the spotlight here, and it’s cool to see Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider again.  The back-up about Spider-Man’s early days does have me excited for the upcoming Spider-Man 1.1 storyline.  The issue also shoves the entire Inhuman #1 down our throat and asks us to pay for it as well.  This is the reason why the issue is $6.  We didn’t ask for Inhuman, and it’s not right we have to pay for it.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is a solid fun book to celebrate Peter Parker’s return.  While not everything in the book is a hit, it’s still very exciting to see the return of a classic character.  The issue might be better without some of the back-ups, but it does show that Marvel has plans for our favorite Web-Slinger.



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