The Flash Annual #3 Review


Wally West returns!

A new arc begins here where the Future Flash- the Blue Flash on the cover, has to travel back in time to kill himself.  Apparently an accident will happen in the future that causes Wally West’s death, and it will impact Barry Allen so much he can’t even function 20 years later.  It’s unknown what causes the accident to happen, but Barry blames himself and he wants to kill the past him to prevent Wally’s death.

The issue is great as it’s essentially time travel mystery.  We see two Flashes from two different era, and how they both have to solve their respective problems.  It’s even more interesting when we get to see how the future turns out to be, and Grodd even mentioned Eobard Thawne in one of the panels.  Professor Zoom, Wally West and it even seem like Iris West is back with Barry in the future too?  Basically all the Flash elements are back already.

However, the issue fixes too much on Blue Flash’s determination to save Wally, and from time to time it’s kind of lost to us.  The current timeline Barry and Wally are far from being friends, and I understand the whole point is that they will eventually develop a friendship.  However, the story fixes on that too much, and it would be better if we get to see how the friendship is actually develop.  Also, I’m kind of confused with Wally’s age.  In one of the panel, Future Flash blames himself that he’s the reason Wally is not 32.  That means he died at the age of 12.  Flash #30 states that Wally died 5 years from the present time, so in this issue he is 7 years old.  Can someone tell me what’s going on here, and if my math is right or not.

Overall, the issue is a great start for a promising arc.  Hopefully we can get to see the more of Wally, and how Barry and him develop the friendship.  Also, I would like to see Wally possibly becoming the new Flash, even though it means Barry might have to die…



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