Game of Thrones “First of His Name” Review


Family reunion is not necessary a good thing.

“First of His Name” is the halfway point of season 4, but that’s not only it.  It’s also an episode that ties the back, present and future together.  Sansa finally arrives her aunt’s place, and this allows us to see who the real mastermind of Game of Thrones really is.  The Sh%# is really crazy, I tell you what.

It’s reveled that Littlefinger not only orchestrated Joffrey’s murder, but he also planned Jon Arryn’s murder as well.  We all thought that Cersei has Arryn murdered because he found out about the incestuous offspring.  It turns out Lady Lysa poisoned her husband by Littlefinger’s instruction, and he instructed her to write the letter to Catelyn as well.  The whole thing is Littlefinger’s idea, and it even results to Ned losing his head.  If anything, Littlefinger might have been the most conning person in the entire series so far, and it’s scary to think what he’s planning next.

Things are not doing so well for Sansa either.  Just when she though she finally escape a place full of crazy people, she ends up in another place full of crazy people.  Poor girl, she just cannot feel safe or happy for one second, can she?  Not only she has to deal with her aunt’s insane jealousy, she also has to worry about marrying her cousin now too.  Yep, never a moment of peace with this one.

The scenes at Craster’s Keep are really awesome, and it’s great that Bran and his pals are finally getting some real screen time.  Not only they don’t need Jon’s help to save them, we even get to see Bran using his ability on Hodor like a kid piloting his favorite robot.  It’s brutal that he naps Locke’s neck like that, and it really bothers Hodor that he killed someone, but it does provide some really neat scene.  It’s finally time that Bran’s story matters.

I already know it’s too good to be truth for Jon and Bran to meet up, but one can only hope.  However, I feel like the show does a wonderful job explaining why they couldn’t meet up.  It’s true that Jon wouldn’t let Bran go anywhere, and it would be annoying to have him explains again what he has to go.  Still, it would be nice to have the two unite though.


Meanwhile, things are actually pretty nice at King’s Landing for once. Tommen is the new king now, and Cersei is surprisingly pleasant with Margaery.  I actually thought a bitch down was going to happen when she caught Margaery eyeing Tommen.  The two share some conversations, and then reality hits Cersei hard.  Sooner or later, is Cersei going to be Margaery’s sister, or is she going to be her mother?  But seriously though, Tommen becoming the new king might just be the best thing that’s happening in King Landing for the longest time, and things are looking pretty well here.  Other than, of course, Tyrion’s possible execution in the near future.

It seems like Dany is taking a break for a while now, and she’s going to stay behind and rule Meereen.  Her reason is because she doesn’t want the slaves to loose their freedom again, and staying behind and rule them is what a queen supposed to do.  This is really the perfect time to attack King’s Landing, since no one is ready for the enemy attack.  However, it still might be too inmature to attack, and Dany makes the right decision to stay behind for a while.  But to be honest, I still can’t help it and fear that she might be getting a little too comfortable for her situation.

Meanwhile, it’s great to see Arya mentioning Syrio, and sticking up for him.  It’s a mistake The Hound strikes Arya like that, and it’s only a matter of time she’s going to kill him.  It’s sad that the two seem to have an alliance back in season premiere, and everything goes down the drain since she witnessed him being a dick with the farmer few episodes ago.  Anyway, The Hound is still on Arya’s killing list, and it she might just be able to kill him with the sword techinique after all.  That would show him.

Overall, “First of His Name” is a great episode that ties the show together.  Not only it revealed a secret from the past, it also becomes clear who’s the Wizard behind the curtain.  Now we’re half way through season 4, let’s hope the second half is as good as the first half.



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