Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman” Review


The title says it all.

The obvious thing in this episode is that Baxter Stockman finally got transformed into Baxter Fly.  If you’re a fan of the 90s cartoon series, than you’re definitely more familiar with this version of Baxter Stockman.  While it’s exciting to see Baxter Fly, let’s not forget the game changer introduced in this episode.  That’s right, Donny has finally perfected his retromutagen formula, and becoming a mutant is no longer as dramatic as it used to be.  However, each retromutagen takes about 10 mutagen canisters to make, and it takes about a few month to complete.  But hey, it’s still a good news to hear.

Meanwhile, Shredder and Rahzar are sick and tired of waiting for Baxter and his plan for a mutant army, and they go ahead and finally detonate Baxter’s mutagen collar.  This is how Baxter is transformed into a fly here, and he’s even more disgusting than the previously version.  He even vomits acid on food before eating too, like a real fly!  Anyway, notice what Baxter was planning to do before he was mutated?  Mutant pigs and rhinos, can this be true?

The Turtles plan to cure Master Splinter and Mr. O’Neil with the retromutagent, but it was interrupted by Baxter Fly.  The story here is great, and we get to see the selfless side of Splinter, as he demands the Turtles to cure Mr. O’Neil first with the Mutagen.  The episode also has a great cameo by Casey Jones, and we get to see Mikey as Turflytle  again (Buzz Buzz).  Mentioning Mikey, you noticed when Mikey is talking about him turning into human, we get to see his actual voice actor Greg Cipes?  That was really cool.

It’s strange the show has us to worry about April when she’s dumped into the mutagen.  We already know April is immune to it, so I don’t know why we’re supposed to worry about it.  Are the show runners expecting us to forget about April’s immunity already, and we should genuinely worry for her?  Then again, the show is designed for children, and they tend not to remember things from time to time.  At the end, it’s great to see Donny’s retromutagent really works, and Mr. O’Neil is back to himself once and for all.  Hopefully it last though, otherwise it would really suck.

Overall, “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman” is a great episode that changes the course of the show for the better.  While mutations are still a threat, but there’s a possibility for victims to cure the mutations once and for all.  The ending teased us a possibility of more mutants coming our way.  Do you have any guesses what it can be?



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