Mad Men “The Monolith” Review


We’re getting a new computer (appliance size)!

Every single episode of this season has been pretty uncomfortable to watch so far.  It’s a real shame to see the characters putting themselves in awkward situations and can’t get out of them.  It’s not a surprise that Don’s return to SC&P wouldn’t be a easy one, but it is a surprise that he would give in so quickly.  I guess working under Peggy is just too much for him.

Don is clearly not happy with the fact that he has to work under the woman that was once his protégé.  He doesn’t care about the rules set for him to work in the company anymore, and he begins to drink right away.  It seems like yet another low point for Don, and his career seems to about to end soon.  It’s even worse that he’s placed in Lane’s office, a place of despair and end.  It’s great that when Don is lost in alcohol and laziness, it was Freddie that talked senses into Don.  It’s ironic as Freddie was the drunk one back in the days, and he’s even more sober than Don now.

Mentioning Lane, it’s a nice touch for Don to find the Mets ticket.  It’s even nicer when Don decides to put the ticket back.  It’s almost like a tribute to Lane.


So something big is happening in SC&P, and they’re getting a computer.  One single, giant, three refrigerators-size computer.  I always like to watch movies and shows with outdated technology, because it’s funny to make fun of it.  That new computer is so big, it takes up the entire creative area for crying out loud.  Anyway, it’s great that the company is getting a computer, as it is definitely going to impress the clients.  Also, Don and the computer guy- Lloyd have some strange exchanges.  At first, Don was a friendly with the guy, then he suddenly turn drunk angry with the guy.  I understand Don’s frustration that Bert didn’t listen to him, but it doesn’t mean he gets to put it out on the guy.  It’s really confusing what’s going on here.

Aside from the problems at the company, Roger and his daughter, Margaret’s situations are hard to watch.  It’s not a surprise that Margaret would turn out to be an irresponsible parent, similar to how her father is.  It makes sense that Roger would want to stick around at the commune, it’s exactly the same kind of life style he’s been practicing with his new hippie lover.  While he’s free to love and do drugs as he pleased, it doesn’t seem like he shared the same beliefs for his daughter.  It’s the lowest point for Roger as he struggles in the mud with his daughter, and it ends with only him walking away.  Roger has been feeling empty with his lifestyle for a while now, maybe this will be the push he needs for a change.

Overall, “The Monolith” shows how tough it is for Don to return to SC&P under the difficult conditions.  He might not be doing well at first, but it’s good to see that he finally comes to the senses and decides to prove himself once and for all.  The new computer for the company is a great touch, as it really shows the dawn of a new age.



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