The Interview Review

The most controversial film of 2014.

The Interview

I don’t know what to say about The Interview.  The film is a high controversial one with North Korea furious at our nation, and even went as far as threat on attacks.  Now I finally have the chance to watch the film, the whole controversy is hardly worth it, and it’s silly we pay so much attention to a film whose only goal is to make us laugh, and nothing else.

James Franco plays Dave Skylark, the host of the popular talk show Skylar Tonight.  The show is a Hollywood gossip one that is not taken seriously by major journalism.  The show’s producer Aaron Rapaport, played by Seth Rogen, wants to change and be taken seriously.  A opportunity comes and it turns out North Korea leader Kim Jung-Un is a fan of Skylar Tonight, and the duo scores a deal to do an interview with the tyrannous leader.  However, once CIA heard of the interview, they decide to enlist the duo to an assassination mission.  The rest of the movie, as you can imagine, is the misadventure these two encountered during their mission.


The movie has everything you expected from a film directed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  The jokes are usually childish, crude and sometime offensive.  It’s a taste not everyone is acquainted to, but once you’re used to, it can be pretty funny from time to time.  I’m a big fan of This is the End, so jumping into this film is a piece of cake for me.  However, some jokes still fall short from time to time, and the movie itself has a lot of downtime as well.

A lot of jokes just doesn’t work for me.  The film features a lot of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity jokes, and they’re not done tastefully either.  However, given to how the characters are, the jokes are expected.  My problem is how forcefully some of these jokes are delivered, and quite unnecessary from time to time too.

Intrview 2

The film is pretty snappy overall, but there are plenty of downtime.  The entire CIA training process can be scratched, but the film bounces back quickly once the duo travels to the heart of North Korea.  For a comedy film, the film tries its hardest to actually raise awareness of the issues in North Korea.  Then again, this is still a comedy, so don’t expect too many actual education here.  The effort is still appreciated regardless.

The acting are generally great in the film too.  Rogen and Franco have great chemistry together, and Randall Park does a great job as Kim Jung-Un.  Park manages to make the ruthless leader hilarious, but terrifying at the same time.  Diana Bang’s character is a surprise hit as well, and I’m glad she has more to do than being a hot enemy.  Sadly, Lizzy Caplan’s Agent Lacey is underplayed in the film, unlike the prominent role promised in the trailers.  Like her character, she becomes a honeypot for people to watch the film.


The movie is really not a bad one.  However, after all the controversies surrounding the film, it really isn’t worth all the troubles.  I know it’s not fair to review a film based on current social topics, but I can’t help it as the film stirs up so many problems and almost (unlikely) starts a war between US and North Korea.  After considering all the possibilities, the film really isn’t worth it.  Then again, we have to remember the film’s true purpose is to do one thing and one thing only, to make the viewers laugh, and it does plenty of that enough.



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