Marvel’s Agent Carter “Bridge and Tunnel” Review

The show continues strong.

Agent Carter Bridge and Tunnel

The second episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter is still strong.  The episode continues Peggy’s mission to clear Howard’s name, and we have plenty of moments here and there to further expand the show itself.

The episode opens up with the Captain America Adventure Hour radio show, and it shows viewers how a typical entertainment is back in the days.  Also, it allows viewers to further look into what people think of Captain America, and how Peggy reacts to the man she loved and how she’s portrayed as a shrieking damsel in distress.  Also, the cut between radio violence and real violence is really awesome too.

The show continues to have Peggy under covered during missions.  The show really plays on the superhero tropes in its own way, and it’s a threat that Peggy’s identity is going to be revealed at any moment.  First with the pictures taken in the club, then the license plate at the end of the episode.  It’s great the show decides to take this particular approach, and it brings more suspense to the overall series.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Jarvis’ partnership is still the best part of the show.  The two continue to have really great chemistry, and Jarvis has proven to be a great mentor and sidekick all together.  He provides the necessary help during missions, and provides reassurance when needed.  Also, it’s great to see him in some actions too, even though it’s just blindly firing a gun.

Bridge and Tunnel

Angie is starting to be a very interesting character.  The character is a great addition the the show, and it balances out Peggy’s agent and personal life.  Also, the potential storyline is endless, and I can’t wait to see the show exploring them.

While Jarvis and Angie are becoming important supporting characters, the same cannot be said about the agents in SSR.  Thompson and Dooley are very one-noted, and there’s nothing redeemable about them so far.  While Sousa receives more spotlight in the episode, we still don’t know much about the guy either.

The villain is a little too strange for my taste.  A typewriter that commands an army of mute soldiers is a bizarre approach.  The thing is, I keep on forgetting super abilities is a thing already established in the MCU, so the typewriter shouldn’t be too strange for me.  However, I just can’t help it and want the show to be grounded on a certain level of realism.  Meanwhile, Leviathan is a group already existed in Marvel Comics, and it does have a certain level of connection to Hydra.  Hmmmmmmm.

Overall, “Bridge and Tunnel” continues strong, and it gives the show plenty of potential and hope.  Jarvis and Angie are both very strong characters, and I only hope the same can be said about the agents.



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