Earth 2 #30 Review

The Avatars.

Earth 2 #30

And yes, Earth 2 continues to serve as the companion series to the weekly World’s End series.  It’s a chance for us to understand better characters from Earth 2, and a break from the overall conflicts with Apokolips.  This month the issue focuses on the Avatars, and the result is only okay.

It’s nice the issue offers us a chance to understand the Avatars better, but that’s still necessary not the case here.  The issue gives us a reason why they pick Sam Zhou as the Avatar, but it still feels very forceful.  It’s revealed Yolanda Montez is the Avatar of Red, and it’s nice and all we have her back in New 52, but it’s really hard to understand who she is in this incarnation.  She’s a tough girl, and very protective towards her brother, but it’s a trait seems in many characters already.  Meanwhile, the Avatar of Blue story is the worst of the three, as I don’t really understand who the character is, or what’s going on.  If anything, I feel the writers missed an opportunity having Aquawoman being the Avatar of Blue instead.

It’s sad Earth 2 has become such a disappointing series.  It has been one of the strongest series in New 52, and now probably one of the worst.  Hopefully the series will feature some more interesting aspects of Earth 2, and bring the series back to its previous glory.



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