The Amazing Spider-Man #12 Review

Spider-Verse pt.4 

Amazing Spider-Man #12

Spider-Verse is a fun event.  Different versions of Spider-Men teaming up to fight a group of bad guys, and it’s always a treat to see a familiar, alternate Spider-Man showing up.  However, after the event reaches its halfway point, it would be nice if the story can actually move forward, instead of jumping from one safe house to another.

That said, I still enjoy seeing alternate Spider-Men showing up in the event.  This issue introduces Takuya Yamashiro from Toei’s Japanese live action TV series.  For those of you who don’t know who that is, he’s the infamous Spider-Man that operates a mecha called Leopardon.  You can watch a video about it below:

Anyway, the best part of the issue is the interactions between the three Japanese Spider-Men.  Other than Takuya, we also have a black and white manga Spider-Man, and Gerard Way’s SP//dr.  The trio provides us the must needed downtime, and the book does a wonderful job balancing the intense and light storylines.

Also, it’s great we get a peek at Ultimate Spider-Man and his group.  Spider-Mobile and the Web Warriors is an awesome band name.

It’s still annoying the story requires us to pick up another books to have a complete experience of the story.  The main story here is already slow enough, it’s not fair we have to pick up another books to experience the potentially more interesting story.  I’m not saying the issue doesn’t have any story, but it would be nice if the main story can actually move forward for once.

Overall, this is still a decent issue that features some interesting new Spider-Men.  It would be nice if the story can actually move forward, or have character development on already existed Spider-Men.  There’s a supposedly shocking revelation at the end of the issue, but I think the writer is just way over his head.



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