Game of Thrones “Iron From Ice” Review

A game of Game of Thrones.


We are starting to expect a certain standard with Telltale Games now.  The studio is famous for their engaging storytelling that will have you caring for the characters in the deepest level.  Also, they’re famous for their glitchy gameplay.  With all these in mind, Telltale’s Game of Thrones game has proven once again how strong the studio is with storytelling, and I can’t wait to play the very glitchy next episode already.

First off, DON’T play the game unless you’re caught up with the seasons, or at least finished season three.  Even though the game features a brand new House of characters, the background takes place around the time.

Anyway, The game mainly focuses on members of House Forrester, a bannerman for the House Stark.  It’s a difficult time for the House, and the game will explore how everyone deals with the difficulty.  The game plays like an actual episode of the show, and with three different perspectives through the episode.  Garred Tuttle, squire to Lord Forrester; Ethan Forrester, the young ruler of House Forrester in the absent of his father, and Mira Forrester, the oldest daughter of House Forrester, and handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell.  All the characters share the same goal, to salvage House Forrester’s future.  However, who they really are is up to player’s decisions.

The playable characters here are all original ones, so it’s kind of hard to figure out what’s the “right” way from them to act around others, and the only clue is how others interact with them.  At the end, my Garred is a humble, but brave man.  Ethan can be a bit cocky from time to time, but he’s a good person too.  Mira is a smart one, even though she can make seriously mistakes from time to time.

Mira’ story features a lot of original characters from the TV series, and it’s cool to see them around.  The game features the original actors to voice their characters, so it’s really authentic.  Also, the game does a great job capturing the likeness of the actors, and it furthers the gaming experience like an TV episode.

Ethan’s story is by far the strongest.  It’s an interesting experience taking up the role as the lord, while making really difficult decisions.  His negotiations with the house of rival lord and Ramsey Snow are truly terrifying, as you won’t know when you will make that fatal mistake.  Also, it’s really fun to establish either Ethan is a good or bad lord.

Again, like most of the Telltale Games, this one suffers some glitchy problems such as character’s limbs disappearing, or especially long loading time.  The game features brushstroke effect at the background.  While the effect is beautiful, it can be quite distracting from time to time.


Overall, “Iron From Ice” is a strong episode with plenty of tough decisions.  The 2-something-hour gameplay feels like an actual episode, and I can’t wait to play the next one already.  It’s good to see Telltale doesn’t disappoint.



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