Marvel’s Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Review

Every actions has consequences.

Agent Carter Time and Tide

This week’s Agent Carter deals with the license plate cliffhanger from the previous episode.  Meanwhile, Peggy discovers where Stark’s stolen goods are.  The result is another solid episode that goes deeper in the world of Agent Peggy Carter.

Jarvis is once again a great character.  The interrogation scene is intense, and it shows a different side of Jarvis.  So far, the character has been a light and funny, and it’s great to see a darker, more serious side of the character.  It’s also great seeing how much he loves his wife, Anna, and how he’s willing to sacrifice himself for his wife.  It’s interesting that we haven’t see the wife yet, but at least we hear her voice this week, right?  Maybe they haven’t cast the actress yet.

It’s an important part to have Peggy risking her own status to save Jarvis.  It takes a lot for her to interrupt the interrogation and makes herself look bad.  Her position in the SSR is already pretty bad, with the other agents discriminate against her because of her gender, it’s really a big step for her to sacrifice like this.  This is similar to how Jarvis himself sacrifice for his wife.

In a way or two, this episode also fleshed out the agents of SSR.  I mentioned last week how the agent are just kind of there, without much purposes, but this episode changes that.  We understand Dooley and Thompson better after this episode, but the same cannot be said about Krzeminiski, and he still comes off as an a-hole.  Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, as the character is murdered by the end of the episode.

Agent Carter Time and Tide 1

Krzeminski’s death is a powerful one.  The character is not really likeable at all, but Peggy’s reaction to his death only makes it more the matter.  The show is only just starting, and it’s really an impact to have a character died so easily.  It also sets the tone of the show, and a valuable lesson for Peggy, as her actions are always going to have consequences.

Peggy’s personal life continues to be interesting too.  The boyfriend looking for his girlfriend is a funny touch, and the strict landlord is setting up to be an interesting future plot.  Angie is still great, and having her and Peggy in small disagreement only makes things more interesting.  It’s great Peggy has a dear friend aside from Jarvis, on a more personal level.

From time to time, it’s hard to place where the show is in realism.  The natural of the giant burrow in Howard Stark’s vault can be a mystery, but it’s not really that much of a mystery considering the show takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  A lot of super natural elements, and even Inhumans are already part of this universe, so it’s not much of a mystery where the giant burrow came from.  If anything, I do hope the show can be grounded in some form of realism.

Overall, “Time and Tide” is a great episode that continues to prove how likeable Peggy, Jarvis and even Angie are.  Krzeminski might be an unlikable character, but it’s still hard to see him go like that.  On the other hand, the other agents at SSR are beginning to fresh out, so that’s good.



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