Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Vision Quest” Review


TMNT Vision Quest

Season 3 has been mostly filler so far.  The Turtles are separated from the main actions back in New York City, and if you’ve been reading my reviews, you would I’ve been complaining about our Turtles hiding out in the forest.  While not all episodes in the farm house arc is bad, “Vision Quest” is definitely the episode that defines the whole arc.

The episode begins with Leo still having problems with his injuries, and the only way to fix the problem is by going on a spiritual journey.  One reason I really like this version of TMNT is the show really touches upon the “ninja” part of the Turtles, and they’re not just bunch of mutant teenagers fighting.  The spiritual part of the journey is really accurate, and I’m impressed with the among of works the writers put in researching actual facts for the episodes.  This reminds me of last season’s “A Chinatown Ghost Story” episode, where the turtle-related Chinese legends mentioned by Ho Chan is an obscure, but accurate one too.

The best part of the episode is when Splinter’s spirit manifested and transformed the Turtles into Fūrinkazan, Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, the famous battle standard during Sengoku period in Japan.  Each Turtles transforms into an element, and the idea is to have Leo swift as a wind, Mikey silent has a forest, Ralph fierce as fire, and Donny unshakable as mountain.  The design of Turtles in their new armors are really cool, and I can’t wait to get the action figures based on them.

The episode also features plenty of action scenes, and it’s great to see Shredder and his crew making a return, even though they’re just hallucinations.  The pair-up battles are really awesome too, and it makes total sense to have Mikey fighting Rahzar, and Ralph fight Fishface.  However, it’s a little off to have Donny fighting Tiger Claw, as the two don’t really have any actual connection before.  Maybe the writers can reverse this, and actually establish a rivalry between the two in the future.

And of course, Leo is paired up with Shredder.  The two have some really cool moment together, and fighting Giant Shredder is like a page out of Attack on Titan.  It’s even cooler when Leo seemingly absorbs the Spirit Deer’s power.  I don’t think we’re supposed to take this literally, but it would be nice to actually separate Leo from the others, and actually having him stand out as the leader.

“Vision Quest” is a great episode is a great episode fill with plot, character and action.  The Turtles learn something from the episode, and it makes the whole farm house arc matters.  Now that’s over, only one thing left to do: going back to New York.



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