The End of Marvel Universe and My Thoughts

A new beginning, right?

Marvel Universe

I’m sure you heard it by now.  But in case you didn’t, here goes: The Marvel Universe, first created back in 1961, is coming to an end.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort have confirmed the upcoming eight-issue limited Secret Wars event will bring an end to both Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe.

During the Secret Wars event, the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe will smash together, with every world in Marvel Multiverse be destroyed, and pieced to form the Battleworld.  There won’t be any more universe left in Marvel, but the Battleworld.

The world of post-Secret Wars will be a brand-new one with elements from both Ultimate Universe and the mainstream Marvel Universe, with the possibilities of bits and pieces from other worlds as well.  It’s unknown what concept from Ultimate Universe will keep, but a fan favorite like Miles Morale Spider-Man is a strong possibility.

However, Marvel is not going to call this a reboot, even though it spells “reboot” all over the place.

I have always like DC Comics more than Marvel Comics.  Other than because Batman is my favorite hero, believe it or not, it’s also because of New 52.

DC New 52

I know what New 52 means to hardcore veteran readers.  It erased a big chunk of important DC history, and created a lot of continuity issues along the way.  However, New 52 allows new readers, such as me, the freedom to jump right into the story easier.  Before New 52, I only read certain important books in the DC Universe such as Identity Crisis and Blackest Night.  I don’t buy singles monthly, nor I have the intention to.  The main reason is because the long and complicated history in the comic history discourages me to jump right in, and even with an issue stating a brand new arc, we all know that’s never entirely true, and a book listing issue 500 is very difficult for me to want to pick it up.  That’s why New 52 helps.  By erasing the old universe and restarting series back to issue #1, it allows me the opportunity to read the books without worrying too much of the continuity.

I also know Marvel has been doing something similar for a while now.  With Marvel NOW!, Marvel created a universe friendlier for newcomers to access with every book restart from issue #1 again.  This is the point where I start reading Amazing Spider-Man, and other X-Men related titles.  However, unlike New 52, this is not a reboot at all and the universe continues.  It’s not easy to attract new readers this way, and with the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s understandable Marvel would want to attract newer readers.  Marvel came up with another way to attract new readers, by starting the series with issue #1 again once a certain story arc ends.  The problem with this is more confusion as not all books practice this method.  I have a friend who’s a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy once he watched the recent summer blockbuster.  However, even he’s unwilling to jump into Marvel’s long and complicated comic history.  Marvel is running out of ideas, and the only way to attract new readers is to actually start everything over.

I’m looking forward to the “reboot” of Marvel Universe.  I know it’s a sin to veteran comic readers, but it’s really a chance to bring in more readers.  The only thing I’m afraid of is how messy the reboot will be.  DC didn’t do a good job with the New 52 initially, and hopefully Marvel’s reboot is clean, without attachment from the old universe.  There’s nothing more annoying than rebooting a universe and wondering what stories are still intact, and what aren’t.  Anyway, these are all just thoughts and expectations right now, and we won’t find out what the new Marvel Universe is really like until the books are in our hands.


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  1. Of all things copying DC their convergence. Stupid…. Marvel head become the house of BAD ideas


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