Marvel’s Agent Carter “The Blitzkrieg Button” Review

Semi-automatic pistol is really awesome.


“The Blitzkrieg King” is kind of a clustered episode.  It brings back Howard Stark, but at the same time takes away the usual Peggy and Jarvis dynamic we fall in love with for the past few episodes.  It’s the give and take business that bothers me, and this episode hardly reach the standard we’re familiar with.

Bringing Howard back to the show is hardly worth it at all.  The show is fun when Peggy and Jarvis are working together, but with Howard back, there’s no need for the team-up anymore.  Also, if Howard can be back in the country so easily, it also takes away the main goal of the show as well.  While there are plenty of mysteries and passion around, it’s always Peggy’s desire to prove Howard’s innocence that drives the show.

Without Dooley around, the episode gives us a great opportunity to understand the SSR agents even better.  Thompson is still an arrogant jerk, but he has proven to be a very capable agent by getting the words out of the hobo.  Also, it interesting to note his comment to Peggy about the equality between men and women.  He’s clearly a sexist man, but at the same time, it seems like he knows Peggy is up to something, and the comment is almost like a reminder for Peggy not to get herself too deep into troubles.


The episode does offer two very big revelations though.  First, while it’s not thatshocking Steve Roger’s blood is hiding in the device, it’s still a pretty cool revelation, and it’s creates a great connection to the bigger picture of Marvel Cinematic Universe.  On the other hand, Peggy has a deep emotional connection with Captain America, and it creates more tension between Peggy and Howard.

The second revelation is the coolest one, as it’s revealed Dottie, the new next door neighbor, is more than meets the eye.  She appears to have great skills and high interests in semi-automatic pistols, but other than that, it’s unknown who she really is or who she works for.  If you’re a comic fan, you might know who she is, but we’re going to keep that an open book for now.

Overall, “The Blitzkrieg Button” is a pretty slow episode.  It reveals some shocking truth for the series, but it takes away what we are in love with since the show’s debut.  Hopefully the show will bring its speed back up soon, and goes back to what we love already.



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