Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Return to New York” Review

Return to New York indeed.

TMNT Return to New York

Finally!  After a season of filler at the farmhouse, the Turtles are finally back to New York.  The episode opens up with the Party Van being juiced into what we’re familiar with from the 90’s cartoon, and with the help of Dr. Cluckingsworth too!  Also, the van has a decal of Venus, the unmentionable female Turtle that just got cool.  Now everything is ready, time to take back the city from the Kraang.

The situations at New York is really dire, and the episode jumps right into all the actions and quickly answers what happened to Splinter.  I’m surprise the show moves so fast into the main issue, and doesn’t waste time jumping around the problem.  It turns out, yes, Splinter’s mind is not in his body.  However, instead of having him unconscious the entire time, he still has his rat part of the mind and it creates more drama to the already tense situation.

Even though it can be kind of rushed, I’m glad the entire Splinter, Shredder problem come to an end so quickly.  The Turtles sneak into Shredder’s lair, fight Baxter Stockman and the tiny Shredder mutants, and sneak out of the lair without having to fight Shredder at all.  I understand our heroes don’t need to fight Shredder in this situation, but the escape is a little too easy.  April’s ability is starting to get really, really handy, and it’s cool to see her helping Splinter out of his problems.

It’s hard to understand why the Shredder mutants are necessary.  The shrimp one is really cute and awesome, but I don’t really understand the point of having these characters.  Also, did Shredder sanction Baxter the creation of these mutants?  He’s a proud man, and it’s hard to imagine he would allow these mutants based on his image.

The episode itself is great, and we also get a great opening sequence too!  It features the Turtles in their Fūrinkazan outfit, and we get a glimpse of upcoming mutants as well, including Rocksteady Bebop and Mondo Gecko.  Can’t wait to those character make their official debut.  A great episode that starts a new story arc, and I can’t wait to see where the show will take us next.



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