Better Call Saul “Uno” Review

Yeah, it’s good.

Better Call Saul Uno

Better Call Saul sounds like a risky move.  A Breaking Bad spinoff, prequel series that focuses on a more comedic character can only mean the show won’t deliver the same plot twist and atmosphere Breaking Bad did.  Turns out I was wrong.  Better Call Saul perfectly captures everything I love about Breaking Bad, and it’s truly a spinoff series we deserved.

Right off the start, the new show gives us the same impact Breaking Bad familiarized us with.  Taking place about seven years before the start of Breaking Bad series, the show focuses on Saul Goodman, or Jimmy McGill, who’s an honest lawyer unlike what we’ve seen in Breaking Bad.  Knowing these details, the teaser opening works perfectly, as instead of showing the past, it actually shows what happens to Saul after the events of Breaking Bad.  It wraps up Saul Goodman’s character, and now it’s time for us to find out what turns Jimmy into Saul in the first place.

In many ways, Jimmy was very similar to Walter White himself, and the show is not shy to compare the similarities.  Both are in dead end jobs, driving horrible cars, and have connection to big corporations they owe them somehow.  Also, both Walt and Jimmy require the assist of slackers to criminal success.  Well, one wants to make drugs, while the other just wants to make fake car accidents.  It’s also important to see how Jimmy is in the pilot episode, and wonder how he’s going to “break bad” into the sly and tricky lawyer we known and loved.

Better Call Saul Uno 1

Better Call Saul works because it captures the tone of Breaking Bad perfectly, and it features the same idea of an ordinary man and his ultimate fate to become something more and eventually nothing at all.  The show is catered to Breaking Bad fans, but it doesn’t mean newcomers will be turned away.  Bob Odenkirk does a wonderful performing here, and the character shows hearts and potentials that will have everyone cares for him right away.  The first episode also introduces Jimmy’s brother Chuck, a once hot-shot lawyer who’s on medical leave.  It allows viewers a deeper look at why Jimmy is doing what he does, and adds a layer to the character as well.

Like I said before, the show is catered to Breaking Bad fans and it features familiar locations as well as guest appearances.  However, some guest appearances can be a little off-putting.  It’s also great to see Mike Ehramantraut again, but his role as the parking booth guy at the court house is a little bit random, and I would like to believe Mike has always been a badass doing badass jobs.  It’s almost like the guest appearance is only for the appearance’s sake.  That said, however, Tuco’s appearance at the end of the episode is really, really cool, and it’s a great cliffhanger for Breaking Bad fans.  Not necessary for newcomers though, as it seems like just a regular thug pointing a gun at Jimmy, not nearly as powerful as knowing how crazy the guy is.

Better Call Saul is off to a great start.  The show is smart with a hearty character we care about, and it’s perfect for Breaking Bad fans and newcomers alike.  It’s interesting to see how a “good” guy like Jimmy McGill will eventually turn into the “criminal” Saul Goodman, and I can’t wait to see it unfolds as the show goes on.



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