The Walking Dead “The Distance” Review

Safety is right around the corner.

The Walking Dead The Distance

“The Distance” is an episode that gives us hope.  After encountering numerous disasters and disappointment, it’s great something good finally happens to Rick’s group, but I guess Alexandria is not really in the clear yet, huh?  Other than the decision to trust Aaron or not, Rick also faces his biggest challenge to keep his group safe.

It’s not really a surprise Michonne is the one in the group that challenges Rick’s decision.  She has been expressing how tired she is walking from one place to another, and it’s obvious she wants to settle down.  However, it’s not to say she’s undermining Rick at all, but just hoping he would take a chance.  The group has come a long way now, and they have encountered other seemingly trust worthy communities such as Woodbury and Terminus, so it’s understandable why Rick is a little paranoid.  Meanwhile, Michonne still wants to believe there are good out there, and she’s ready to take the chance already.

Aaron surprisingly has a lot of patient for the group, and it makes me wonder how often he scouts out for newcomers.  Or how desperate they need newcomers.  Alexandria seems like a sure deal so far, but Aaron’s desperation for newcomers is kind of suspicious.  Also, why isn’t there any picture of the residents?  Reading the comic series might have ruin the speculation for me a bit, but knowing how the show like to change things up, Alexandria might have some hidden secrets we don’t know about.

The Walking Dead The Distance 1

Decision plays the main role in this episode, and it should be titled “Decision” instead.  It’s almost like paying an episode of Telltale’s series instead, and it’s fun to see what kind of decision the characters will come to next.  Punch Aaron or not, feed the apple sauce to Aaron or Judith, save Arron or not… etc, everything is about making a decision, and it’s not to say if the decision is correct or not.  Like Carol said to Rick upon arriving Alexandria, “Even though you were wrong, you’re still right.”  Alexandria might not be a trap, but it’s the right thing for Rick to be extra cautious when comes to strangers.

While the episode still features all 15 of our main survivors, the show still manages to split the group into smaller ones and focuses on certain characters.  While the episode is mainly about Rick, Michonne and Glenn, Abraham and Rosita also share some nice moments too.  It’s good they finally talk about how Abraham acted after finding out Eugene is a fraud, and it’s a beautiful moment when the two see the Washington monument is the horizon.  The two have wanted to go to Washington for the longest time, and there’s no body deserve this moment for than these two.

Overall, “The Distance” is a test to our survivors’ faith, and if they’re willing to trust strangers again.  It’s a difficult one, as the group has encountered a lot throughout the years.  At the end, it shows that they’re still hope out there, and not all good people are dead yet.



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