Better Call Saul “Hero” Review

S’all good, man!

Better Call Saul Hero

“Hero,” now that’s a funny title for this show.  Saul, Jimmy, or even Slippin’ Jimmy are all far from what anyone would call a hero, and if anything, they’re all the complete opposite of it.  There are even chances for heroic acts here, but none of them turns out to be true, as Jimmy is slowly becoming Saul.

The interactions with the Kettlemans is an unpleasant one for Jimmy.  Despite all his efforts and dedications, his skills are not to be recognized.  It turns out, why Jimmy’s skill as a lawyer is *somehow respected, it’s his person that’s not respected at all.  He’s the kind of lawyer guilty people hired, and well, that’s kind of true.  I’m just glad Jimmy accepts the bribe at the end, as it’s the best he can get after all the trouble, and it also puts him on his path to become Saul.

I’m a bit disappointed though, this episode doesn’t feature more interactions with either Nacho or Mike.  I’m glad Jimmy lets Mike knows he’s right, as it shows his attempt to mend their relationship.  However, I’m really surprise the show didn’t move up with Nacho’s retaliation towards Jimmy though.  I’m really looking forward to that, and every time he’s alone at the nail place at night, I thought Nacho would just pop up and snatch him.  It’s strange the show slows down at this point, but it allows the writers a chance to explore the rivalry between Jimmy and Hamlin.

Jimmy doesn’t know who he is yet.  He not the Slippin’ Jim he used to be, and he’s far from becoming Saul.  He’s an in-between version of himself that wants to be good, but impossible because that’s not who he meant to be.  The scene at the tailor’s where Jimmy picks up a tacky orange shirt is something Saul would wear, but not this Jimmy.  No, this guy doesn’t know who he is yet, and all he wants now is to one up Hamlin.  The billboard and suit are all obviously ridiculous, but for a person who doesn’t know who he is yet, this is the only thing he could do.

Better Call Saul Hero 1

Kim’s still a messenger of the war between Jimmy and Hamlin.  However, I’m starting to enjoy the obvious history between Jimmy and her.  The scene on the message chair is an important one, as it shows Jimmy at his most honest and raw state.  This shows that Jimmy really trusts Kim, and I’m beginning to wonder what her fate is by the time Breaking Bad happens.  Meanwhile, why isKim working at a place that don’t appreciate her?  The money cannot be thatgood, can it?

Chuck’s familiar with Jimmy’s schemes, so it’s clear why Jimmy hides the newspaper.  However, he didn’t expect his brother to take the risk and take the neighbor’s paper.  It’s good to see Chuck returns after being absent last week, and we also get a better understanding at how his conditions are affecting him.  I know it’s not right to laugh, but the contradiction of Chuck’s internal struggle, and what the neighbor saw is funny.  Once again, the show demonstrates its similar tone to Breaking Bad, and features some dark humors.

“Hero” is an episode where Jimmy has to find his real identity.  He’s no longer Slippin’ Jimmy, and not quite Saul Goodman yet.  However, who he is right now is nobody.  He cannot use his own name, and he cannot use others either.  Even though this episode is a bit slow, I still can’t wait to see what Nacho is going to do, and what’s in store for Jimmy next.

Also, what’s up with all the episode titles end with “O” so far?



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