Evolve Review

An intense game of mouse and cats.


Evolve is a game with a very, very interesting concept.  Player either play as the monster or the hunter on the planet Shear, and the game is an intense cats and mouse, where with even cheese, the mouse can grow bigger and bigger and eventually kills the cats.  The game is unique, fun and features complicated strategy gamepaly with an array of colorful characters.  Evolve delivers, and it’s definitely the game that lives up to the hype.

The game takes place on the distant planet of Shear, where humans have established colonies on the planet.  However, after the establishment, malevolent monsters have begin to destroy the colonies, and hunters are called in to eliminate the monsters.  However, the lore is not really important here, is it?  As the game is mainly about how to master your skills as the hunters or the monster, and win the game by careful cooperation or strategies.

Evolve 1

The monsters have to move quickly in the beginning of the game to evade the hunters’ pursuit.  However, if not careful, the monster can leave a lot of marks behind for the hunter to track it down easily.  Meanwhile, monster also need to quickly find food to level up and gain enough strength to eventually face-off the hunters.  The monster comes equipped with plenty of skills such as sneaking, climbing and most importantly the ability to sniff out potential food and hunters.  Playing as the monster requires a lot of patient and skills, and it feels especially satisfying when the hunters are finally shredded into the pieces by your own hands in the end.

Meanwhile, playing as the hunters is a whole different kind of challenge.  Tracking down the monster is never easy, as the tracks or broken brunches are not easily spotted.  You have to speculate where the monster might go next, and where the food source is.  Also, mastering hunters’ skills are not easy either, as there are four classes of hunters (Assault, Medic, Trapper, and Support) and each comes with very different abilities.  The hunters have to work together with great understandings of different abilities to hunt down the monster as soon as possible, as each seconds passed is the monster evolving into something else entirely.

The beauty of the game really lies within understanding the abilities of the hunters.  Each hunter comes with a different ability, and mastering them will only allow a more intense gameplay.  Val and Lazarus are both in the Medic Class, but Val has the ability to reveal monster’s movement through the wall, and Lazarus can bring the dead back to life.  Trapper Abe has the ability to tag the monster’s food, but Maggie comes with her own pet Trapjaw the can help hunting down the monster like a dog.  There are 12 hunters in total, and 81 different pair-ups.  However, the tactics are infinite, and how you like to track down the monster is up to you.

Evolve 2

However, one annoying thing is the game decides to use progression system, as only one monster is available at first, and one hunter from each class.  As the game progresses, you can slowly unlock all 12 hunters and three monsters.  However, the slow progression system means the game experience can be a bit slow in the beginning, and that’s really a shame.

Other than the default Hunt Mode, the game also comes with many different modes such as Nest, Rescue and Defend.  The different kind of mode brings different gameplay experience, and honestly they’re all very different and requires a lot of practices.  Initially, I have a lot of difficulties playing the game, and requires special map conditions such as sentry turrets, or radioactive gas to help me out.  Eventually those conditions are not needed anymore, and I can take down the opponents easily.  It really is a challenging game, and one that takes a while to get used to.

The game is a beautiful one too.  Shear is a planet with the sight to be seen, with a lot of great details on the jungle life, monsters and even the characters.  The monster all have different designs, and it’s fascinating seeing them grow bigger and evolve into a different species as they feed on the weaker wild life.  It’s also cool to see the monster covering in wounds as the hunters slowing take down its life.  The hunters are full of life too, and I really enjoy the obvious characteristic and differences between the characters.  The pre-match banter between the hunters is one of the best part of the game, as it gives the hunters their own voices and allows us to care for them.  After hours of gameplay, I’m still finding out new information about these characters.

Evolve 3

Evolve is a great game with an unique idea that works.  Playing as hunters and playing as the monster requires a lot of skills, tactic and patient as well.  The progression system can be a bit annoying at first, but once all characters are unlocked that’s when the fun begins.  The game is a brand new experience, and i can’t wait to jump back into another round of intense mouse and cats.



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