Better Call Saul “Alpine Shepherd Boy” Review

The sad tales of Chuck McGill.

Better Call Saul Alphine Shepherd Boy

Finally, this episode allows us to understand exactly what Chuck’s deal is, and how Jimmy feels about it exactly.  There are plenty of debates on the nature of Chuck’s condition, but the truth is always the one that hurts.

It’s always kind of obvious that Chuck’s condition is psychological, and not physical.  It was first hinted few episodes ago when Jimmy forces Chuck to remove the “space blanket.”  However, Chuck’s performance last week was so believable, I actually believe he is allergic to elector magnetism.  Now we know he’s faking it, I’m curious at what triggered his condition.  Also, as Jimmy is letting his rivalry with Hamlin affecting his decision, it’s going to be the matter of time before he does something he will regret because of it.

Jimmy is going through some interesting transition this episode.  After the successful promotional stunt last week, Jimmy receives a lot of new clients, but they’re mainly jokes.  A guy who hires him with fake money, and another who has a very suggestive toilet for an invention.  There’s no surprise Jimmy would end up in Elder Law.  Jimmy is still far from where he wants to be, and he has no idea what he really wants either.  His decision to become a shinning knight for the elders even has his brother’s eyebrow rises, but it does provide him a stable income.  For now.

Personally, I really love the scene where Jimmy visits the elderly home, and with ads at the bottom of the jello cups.  It’s kind off depressing and desperate on Jimmy’s part, but he seems truly happy helping out those old people.  Knowing what his ultimate fate is, this might be a happier ending anyway.

Better Call Saul Alphine Shepherd Boy 1

Things begin to roll from Mike’s side of the story too.  He’s seen spying on a woman, and next thing you know, police are knocking on his door.  It’s obvious what is going to happen next, as he’s going to need a skilled lawyer like Jimmy.  It’s unknown who the woman Mike spying is, but from the knowledge we learned from Breaking Bad, it’s possible that’s his daughter.  It’s also possible it’s Jimmy’s help that allows Mike to visit his granddaughter like we’ve seen in Breaking Bad too!  It might also explain why Mike is willing to help Saul in the main show, as he feels in debt to the tricky lawyer.

Meanwhile, where the heck is Nacho?  There’s no way his story ends already, and I want to see the more of him.  The guy is clearly planning something, and he’s most likely to strike Jimmy when he’s least expected.  Or when the viewers are least expected too!  Anyway, I can’t wait to see his return and what’s going to happen next.

Overall, “Alpine Shepherd Boy” is a good episode.  It finally allows to know what Chuck’s deal really is, and the difficult decisions Jimmy has to choose.  It also set the dice rolling, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Mike is really in.



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