The Walking Dead “Remember” Review

Home sweet home.

The Walking Dead Remember

This episode formally introduced us to Alexandria, an important landmark in the comic series, and where the rest, and major Walking Dead stories take place- unless the TV series decides to change things up.  This is a good episode, and it allows us a different view of this world, and how detached some people can be.

This is the first time our survivors find a place they can feel safe since the prison, and things at Alexandria are a bit too good to be true.  Sure, everyone can finally clean up, wear new cloths or even shaved, but there’s something about Alexandria just not good enough, and that’s the people running it.  The place is a perfect location to bring hope to the disastrous world, but the people running it don’t know how bad the situations are outside, and they’re too weak to keep things together.  They even have couple of douchenuggets running around, putting others’ lives in danger, because they don’t know how dangerous walkers can be.

Glenn and Daryl take down the douchenuggets with ease, and it shows how “spoiled” the survivors at Alexandria really is.  If anything, it seems like Deanna understands how weak her community really is, and that’s why she desperately needs survivors like Rick’s group to join their community, and strengthens it.  Is Alexandria facing any immediate dangers?  If things are doing well, why’s Deanna suddenly feeling the need to have muscles around.  Also, does this have anything to do with Rick’s gun missing, and who Enid is bringing the supplies to in the forest?  I doubt the TV series will bring some certainantagonist from comic series that quick, but if that’s the case, I’m all for it.

Rick’s transformation is great!  I’ve forgotten how good looking he is under all those hairs.  At first, it’s strange to see Rick’s so willingly to play the role he’s assigned to, but the reason is obvious.  Rick finally sees how full of potential the community can be, and he wants to take the leadership over when the time is right.  Rick might appear villainous here, but it’s understandable.  By the rate things are going, Alexandria is going to go to waste if things are not done properly, and our survivors are the ones that can make things right.

The Walking Dead Remember 1

The TV series make some changes to who the leader of Alexandria is, and how she conduct her interviews.  It’s unknown how the changes are going to affect the story, but the video interviews bring some interesting insights to our survivors.  Daryl is clearly not fitting in with the community, and it has my worries.  Daryl has always been a loner and lowlife before the apocalypse, and it’s this type of situation that brings the best out of him.  Now the survivors are “safe” behind walls, there’s no need for the likes of Daryl, and I’m afraid what’s going to come of him by the time the season is over.  I am truly afraid.

On the other hand, Carol is being super sneaky and brilliant with the interview.  It’s smart that she hides who she really is to Alexandria, just in case things turn out to be bad.  Also, the part where she awkwardly puts her giant gun on the cart is hilarious.  Carol is really one of the best survivors in Rick’s group.

Carl is having a difficult time adjusting to the other children, and he doesn’t want to become soft like they are.  The father/son walkers killing bonding is a great moment, and it really separates our survivors from Alexandria citizens.  However, it’s a little unsafe for our survivors to act this way, especially consider they just lost Tyreese recently due to slippin’ up.

Overall, “Remember” is a great episode that brings new story elements to our survivors.  Things might be too good to be true at Alexandria, but our survivors will make sure to take matters in their own hands.

Also, I’m sooooo shipping Rick and Jessie.  I’ts time something good finally happens to Rick personally for a change.



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