The Order: 1886 Review

A beautiful disappointment.

The Order 1886

The Order: 1886, dare I say, might be the prettiest game on PlayStation 4 so far.  The game is gorgeously crafted like a movie, and the voice acting is superb too.  However, that’s about the only good thing about the game.  The game is haunted by its lack of interactions, poor gameplay mechanisms and unengaged plot, that this might be one of the most highly anticipated, but disappointing game of the year (already).

The game takes place in the year of 1886, at an alternate version of London.  The Order is a secret organization first created by King Arthur and his Knights of Round Table, and their goal is to protect people from half-breeds, half animal half man monsters.  The group is in a losing battle, until they discovered Blackwater, a mystical liquid that extends their lifespan and gives them healing abilities.  AKA the Holy Grail.  The alternate London also has advanced technologies such as Zeppelins, wireless communications, and futuristic weapons.

The Order 1886 1

However, despite The Order is a group that mainly fights off the monsters, the game hardly features any monster fight at all.  I pick up this game hoping to be some sort of super natural hunters in the year 1886, but I end up facing off humans in gunfights there’re way too long.  The game is almost like a discount BioShock, but without all the awesome weapon and abilities to play with.  The thing is, this game does have some cool weapon here and there, but none of them are very useful, and you don’t even get to use them long term either.  The game makes it impossible to hold onto those cool weapons, and the two weaponry system is really not working out here.  It makes getting those weapons none rewarding, and quite frankly, there isn’t really any need to for those weapons to finish the game either.

The shoot-and-cover system can get real tired real easy.  Like I said before, the game is billed as a monster fighting game, but the actual game is nowhere close to it, and it’s almost a fraud the game led us to believe so.  The generic human enemies hardly stand out at all, and I’m just systematically fighting waves and waves of enemies until my companions let me know it’s over.

The Order 1886 2

Playing The Order: 1886 is really like flipping the pages of a book, as there isn’t much you can do.  The game creates a vivid and realistic surroundings for the players, but you can hardly interact to anything at all, and limited easter eggs to discover either.  It’s a waste, as there’s no reason to explore the beautiful environment anymore.  Also, the easter eggs hardly provide any more insights to the game’s lore either, and I don’t feel motivated enough to read, or listen to them at all.  The worst part, the enemies don’t always come after you, and there’re times you thought the fight is over, only to find one hiding somewhere obscure and shoot you in the back.

However, The Order: 1886 does have one great positive value, and it’s the graphics and the cinematic experiences.  I cannot stress enough how beautiful the game is, and the voice acting is really one of the best I’ve ever heard.  The game offers to much of viewing experiences, but it appears developer Ready at Dawn forgot this is supposed to be a game, and it gives up too much on that department.

The Order 1886 3

Other than the graphics, the best part of the game is the fights against the werewolves.  The gameplay is pretty clever here, as they’re not as predictable as trading bullets with the human enemies.  The hit-and-run technique requires here is the only time I feel real excitement in the game, and it’s really a shame werewolf fights are virtually not in the game at all.

The Order: 1886 is one of the most cinematic gorgeous game I’ve ever seen, but the actual gameplay is poor.  The generic shoot-and-cover system is overdone, and the lack of interactions with the surroundings is a big disappointment.  Overall, the game doesn’t have a lot to go on, and it’s quite a shame after all the hype and excitement.



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