Better Call Saul “5-0″ Review


Better Call Saul 5-0

“5-0″ answers a question I didn’t even know I asked “Do you care about Mike’s past?”  The answer is: Yes, I care very much.  Mike has always been one of the most badass character in the Breaking Bad series, but I’ve always view him as the silent type who’s just born badass without an explanation.  It turns out, Mike has a very tragic past, and a lot of things about him just suddenly becomes crystal clear.

Better Call Saul has been doing a really great job living up to Breaking Bad’s standard, but this one just went over the top and beyond.  This is not only a series that digs into Saul’s past; this is also a series that further explores the world of Breaking Bad.  Mike turns out to be more than just badass, and everything he puts himself into is to avenge his son’s death.   Jonathan Banks is a wonderful actor, and that’s final speech with daughter-in-law in very powerful.  Mike is usually a man with few words, so having him saying so much is really something.

“Can you live with it?”  Now that’s a powerful way to end a speech, and Mike clearly can’t live with it.  He’s a dirty cop unlike his son, and his request for his son to turn dirty only leads him to be killed anyway.  He forces his son to become a dirty man before his death, and it didn’t prevent him from being murdered anyway.  He can’t live with it, and it only turns him more dirty than before, and it’s starting to make sense why an ex-cop is working for someone like Gustavo Fring.  Meanwhile, a lot of actions in Breaking Bad are becoming really clear.  It makes sense why he takes Jesse under his wings, as he probably sees his son in Jesse.

Better Call Saul 5-0 1

Somethings are strange here.  The daughter-in-law’s reaction seeing Mike from the last episode makes me think the two are in bad terms.  I’m pretty sure this happened to the most of you, and thought the cops are there because Mike broke some sort of restraining order.  However, Mike walks into her house just fine in this episode, and the two are having pretty calm conversations.  Well, I can’t really tell now, can I?  The actress who played the daughter-in-law is truly horrifying, I don’t buy half of the thing she’s acting.  Also, the cop really doesn’t know Mike took the notebook?

“5-0″ is a good episode.  It digs deeper into a character we basically know nothing about, and it further justifies the exist of this spin-off series.  I never knew I’m curious of Mike’s origin, but I’m glad I got one anyway.



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  1. Good review! I was wondering about the notebook, too. Did he seriously not notice that his notebook is gone? And that Mike was putting his hands all over him that very day?


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