Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Pig and the Rhino” Review

“Bebop and Rocksteady.”

TMNT The Pig and the Rhino

Following “Serpent Hunt,” this episode continues the hunt for Karai, and we finally get to see Bebop and Rocksteady in action.  Zeck and Steranko are mutated by the end of previous episode, but we don’t have a chance to see how the mutation affects them until this episode.  The return of these classic characters are great, no surprise there, and this episode is definitely one to be remembered.

It’s kind of strange Bebop and Rocksteady agree to help Shredder so easily though.  From the way they were forced to mutate, I really thought they’re going to be furious at Shredder, and work against him instead.  This version of Shredder already has a lot of strong henchmen under his belt (Rahzar, Fishface, Tiger Claw, and even Baxter-Fly?), does he really need Bebop and Rocksteady too?  Unlike the old cartoon series, the enemies in this version actually pose a threat to the Turtles, so an army of Shredder henchmen only means the Turtles are going to need some help to defeat them.

The whole “Comet” issue provides the opportunity to split the Turtles, April and Casey into three groups, and a chance for new enemies to shine.  Bebop’s fight with Donny and April is as hilarious as ever, and I really appreciate the show gives him an unique fighting style, separates him from others.  Rocksteady, quoted Casey, is kinda rad in this incarnation too.  Despite it’s kind of obvious his fighting style would be charging like a rhino, I still appreciate the show actually plays on the fact that he is a rhino, and should have a rhino’s strength and durability.

The highlight of the episode comes the showdown at the roller coaster fight.  The fight is fast and exciting, and with a lot of funny moments here and there.  Sadly, it appears Rocksteady is more an honorable man than our Turtles, as he actually keeps his word, and our Turtles technically didn’t.  Good job teaching children to be tricky, instead of being honest, Nick!

Sadly, the retro-mutagen doesn’t work on Karai, as she’s a special mutation case.  To make things worse, she’s captured by Bebop and Rocksteady, and back at Shredder’s lair once again.  Hopefully it means Baxter-Fly can come up a way to fix her.  Overall, “The Pig and the Rhino” is a great episode that offers new take on classic villains.  It marks an end, currently, to the Karai storyline, and it has some of the best action sequences and funniest scenario too.  The newest episode is on nick.com already, so if you can’t get enough of Turtles, go check it out already.  Spoilers alert: It’s fantastic!



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