The Walking Dead “Forget” Review

All the cookies, lots of them!

The Walking Dead Forget

Life inside Alexandria is not easy for our survivors.  Sure, they don’t have to worry being out in the open, or starve to death.  However, Rick and the group are having very, very difficult time adjusting to the peace behind walls, and some of the actions are starting to be questionable, a bit like a certain villain we’ve known from before…

Rick is getting really creepy this episode.  While I perfectly understand his desire to take over Alexandria, his actions are questionable at best.  A little doubt here, a little tricky there, and a little “let’s get some guns just in case”… etc, Rick is starting to sound a lot like the Governor now.  I would defend Rick before, saying things such as Rick just doesn’t want Alexandria to go to waste, or Deanna is not doing a good job leading them place.  However, after heseemingly about to pull a gun out on Pete, I have to voice my concern on Rick’s behaviors.  This is not something a good person would do, and he’s staring to show signs that he might be too far gone.

And yes, despite what I said above, I’m all for Rick kissing Jessie.

It’s interesting to see Rick, Carol and Daryl forming a small council outside Alexandria.  Some small details happen in this scene.  While the missing blender gun is still a concern, I’m more curious about the walker with “W” craved on the forehead.  Rick last seen a walker like this back in Virginia, Noah’s community, and graffiti “Wolves Not Far” is there too.  There’s no doubt the show’s hinting enemies are right around the corner, and if things play out right, Rick can prove how wrong Deanna is, and how much they need to have someone up at the watchtower.

The Walking Dead Forget 1

Daryl’s bonding with Aaron is easily the best part of the episode.  I’ve been worrying about Daryl not being able to fit in with the community, but Aaron successfully opens him up and welcomes him to Alexandria.  Aaron has always considers himself an outsider, and that’s why he approaches Daryl, as Daryl is definitely an outsider himself too.  The two share a lot of similarities, and it’s cool to see how they can each handle the situations outside the walls.  At the end, being a recruiter like Aaron is definitely the perfect job for Daryl.  Not only he’s good at telling good people apart from the bad, this way he never really has to fit in with the community anyway, but still being part of it and receives all the benefits.  For being a new character, Aaron has proven to be very interesting, even more so than some we’ve been having since last season.

Holy moly Carol!  You scary!  That scene between her and that cooking-loving boy is truly terrifying.  The whole group has come a long way, but no one has come as far as Carol has.  She will do anything for the group, and she’s not afraid to dirty her hands.  I bet some of you actually believe that Carol will snap the little guy’s neck right on the spot too!  This also shows how far our survivors are considering themselves as part of the Alexandria community yet, as it’s all about what they think is right for themselves, are not for the whole community.

Meanwhile, the cocktail party is the most awkward thing I’ve seen in the TV series so far.  The illusion the citizens are living in is really getting to our survivors, and for Sasha she can’t take it anymore especially consider she just lost both her brother and lover recently.  The freak out at the party is perfect.  Other than Sasha, it’s interesting to note that Abraham is using alcohol to numb himself now, and Michonne is the only one accepting her role in the community perfect by trading her steel for a plastic one.

Overall, “Forget” is a great episode that shows how things inside Alexandria is like.  Our survivors are not adjusting to the peaceful life well, and Rick is starting to get a bit creepy.  Aaron and Daryl share some wonderful moment together, and Carol is starting to be the scariest survivor in the group.  No imminent threat yet, but Alexandria has proven to be a very interesting location.



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