Bates Motel “A Death in the Family” Review

Psycho is back.

Bates Motel A Death in the FamilyBates Motel is back, and right away things are different.  Norman doesn’t seem the same anymore, and he’s creepier than ever.  He doesn’t have to go to school either, as Norma decides to home school him and makes him the manager of the motel too.  Not to mention Emma and him are officially dating now (yikes!).  Things are looking good for Norman as he’s many steps closer to become the psycho he’s meant to be.

First off, I have to be honest, I don’t think I’m entirely qualify to review the show anymore, as I didn’t watch all the season two episodes, and skipped around a lot.  That season was really bad, and there are way to many stories away from the uncomfortable incest-y relationship, and I don’t really care about the whole drug business at all.  However, I’ve seen enough to know the whole Ms. Watson business is done and over, and the show is basically separating itself from the drug empire, as Dylan is the boss who calls quite.  There’s no better time than ever to watch the show, as the series just hit a soft reset button.

Did Norman kill Annika at the end?  I would like to think so.  It was revealed last season that Norman is already taking his mother’s persona when he commits murders, so it’s that the case here?  However, Norman is perfectly aware what he’s doing when he ogling Annika, and spying on her taking a shower.  It’s clear that Norman makes the personality switch when he’s in danger, but it’s possible he makes the switch when’s he’s in sexual situations too.  It makes sense though, as he killed Ms. Watson during sex, and in Psycho, he killed the main lady because he finds her attractive too.  Now I’m worried about Emma.

I’m confused with how I feel about Emma and Norman in a relationship.  On one hand I found them really cute together, on the other hand I’m super afraid for Emma.  If things don’t work out right, Emma is going to die before the season ends.

Norma backpedals on everything is what makes the show so great.  She’s not nearly as comfortable as Norman sleeping in the same bed with her, but at the end, she requests Norman to do that, so she can feel comfort about her mother’s death.  She wants Norman to go to school, but once hears she’s having vision of Ms. Watson, she okays her son to be homeschooled.  It’s a complicated relationship mother/son relationship with a creepy son, but the mother doesn’t help at all.

The weakest part of the episode is the Dylan/Caleb fiasco.  I have no idea why the show keeps Caleb around, as there’s nothing interesting about it.  I guess the show can’t always be about Norman and Norma, but why not?  That why the show can be more focused, and actually move up with Norman’s transformation to the psycho.  Other than the small distraction, “A Death in the Family” is not a bad episode.  It brings the show back to its Psycho roots, and focuses more on Norman’s dark side.  Now that Norman is one step away from being the actual monster we’ve known, things are getting very interesting for Bates Motel.



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