QGR: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Solve your own murder mystery.

Murdered Soul Suspect

Quick Game Review (QGR) is a new segment where we take advantage of our newly acquired GameFly account, and play some older games we know are either going to be bad, or not good enough for us to actually spend money on. The review will be quick, short and straight to the point. Who knows, we might actually find gold through this method.

Original release date: June 3rd, 2014.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a decent enough game.  Sure, the game can be really short and the final boss fight can be a let down.  However, the developers does a great job allowing players to interact with the environment, and play on the rules and limitations set by the game.  I enjoy the story, gameplay and easter eggs.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good game in my book.

Detective Ronan O’Connor is murdered by a serial killer named the Bell Killer, and as a ghost, he must find out who the killer really is with the help a young medium named Joy.  The story intrigues me, but unfortunately, only for a couple of hours.  The story is too short, and the mystery is solved right away.  Not to mention, this game has a very weak ending, and the identity of the culprit is a disappointing one.

The gameplay is great.  As a ghost, Ronan has many limitations and things he cannot do.  The game requires you to think outside the box every once in a while, and discovers a way to work around the obstacles.  Possess a cat or a human, or even walk through walls to hear clues you normally wouldn’t, the game offers many ways to have unique gamepalys.  The game really explores on the unique element, and it’s a fun experience.

The game also offers a lot of easter eggs to explore, and I love it!  I’m usually not a fan of exploration, but the easter eggs really offer an insight on the story background, and they make the exploration more worth it.  I recommend collect the Ghost Story pieces, as they can be pretty creepy.

But man, the main story can be a big let down.  Huge!  Also, the game tries to be a sandbox one, but the places you can actually go are limited, and pretty repetitive from time to time.  After all the great elements in the game, the lack of strong story is really the weakest point of the game, and it brings the overall score down a lot.



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